The body is a river

We all tend to see our bodies as “frozen sculpture”- solid, fixed, material objects- when in truth they are more like rivers, constantly changing, flowing patterns of intelligence. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus declared “You cannot step into the same river twice, for fresh waters are ever flowing in” The same is true of the body. If you “pinch an inch” around your waist, the fat you are sqeezing between your fingers is not the same as it was last month. Your skin is new every five weeks. Your skeleton, seemingly so solid and rigid, is entirely new every three months. A typical cell in the lining of your stomach lives only a few days and a red blood cell lives longer – two or three months. Every year, fully 98 percent of the total number of atoms in your body are replaced.

From Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide, Revised and Updated Edition, Publisher: Three Rivers Press; Rev Update edition (February 20, 2001) Author: Dr. Deepak Chopra


About Acurelief

California Acupuncture licensed since 1997. A graduate of South Baylo University, Anaheim C A. Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine from American Liberty University, Orange, CA in 2009. 10 years of clinical experience in medical offices and physical therapy facilities. Private practice focusing on holistic care using a combination of ancient and modern modalities.
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