Chinese Herbal Medicine

Why Take Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Acupuncture is known to be the main source of treatment used among the Chinese and now has been introduced to the United States. In addition to acupuncture, Herbal medicine is known for continual treatment and is widely used for Chinese Medicine.


This written document regarding Chinese Herbal Medicine take us all the way back 2,500 years ago. It is slowly becoming popular and now patients in the West are greatly reaping the benefits from Herbal Medicine.


Differences between Western Medicine V.S. Chinese Herbal Medicine

Western herb treats diseases or symptoms.  But Chinese Herbal Medicine is based on a diagnosis of individual’s life pattern as well as the disease.  Patients would then receive a custom written herbal prescription which will treat not only the symptoms but also catch the root cause of the disease.

Western herb uses single or group of herb(s) that treat the same symptoms or disease for everyone.

Chinese herbal medicine uses multiple of herbs in one formula addressing the main symptoms as well as their particular pattern.


Source of herbs that go into the formula

All three kingdoms (animal, plant and mineral) are used as ingredients and make up the formula for Chinese Herbs. However, the majority are derived from plant sources including: roots, barks, leaves, flowers, twigs, and stems. These are just to list a few from the various vegetable parts used.


Conditions can be treated

Chinese herbal medicine treats the full range of human disease. It treats acute diseases, like the flu and common cold as well as chronic diseases such as allergies, gynecological disorders, autoimmune diseases, chronic viral diseases, and degenerative diseases due to aging. In particular, Chinese herbal medicine is especially good for promoting the body’s ability to heal and recuperate.


Side effect

Chinese herbal medicines rarely have side effects if formulas are correctly chosen and written.

Most of Chinese herbs have low toxicity compared to common, over the counter Western drugs.


Raw herb, Pills, Powder

The most common and effective method of taking Chinese herbal medicine is as a decoction. This means that the raw herbs are boiled for 30 minutes to an hour or more, strained, and made into liquid so that it is drinkable. However, herbal pills and powder extracts are for those who might not have the time or cannot handle the taste for traditional decoctions.

These herbal decoctions tend to taste very bitter because they are made mostly from roots and barks where the strongest medicinal ingredients are found.


Results of taking herbal medicine

In acute conditions, results can be expected in matter of hour.  In chronic conditions, some results should be seen within two weeks. Chronic conditions on the other hand, may require taking Chinese herbal medicine for a long time, signs that the medicine is working will be noticeable almost from the very start.


About Acurelief

California Acupuncture licensed since 1997. A graduate of South Baylo University, Anaheim C A. Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine from American Liberty University, Orange, CA in 2009. 10 years of clinical experience in medical offices and physical therapy facilities. Private practice focusing on holistic care using a combination of ancient and modern modalities.
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